Lucy texted me in the middle of the night (mostly she remembers the time difference but maybe forgets a little bit when she is excited) that our financial aid appeal was a great success!

As a quick reminder – Stanford offered her 20K and with your help our appeal requested an additional $10,719. (I think you actually suggested we stay close to but just under 10.) Anyway, they have offered us an additional $9250 and we are thrilled!  Almost a 50% increase from original offer (and your instincts were clearly right on with the “just under 10” estimate.)

We are so grateful for your time, experience, guidance, and concrete examples for how to navigate this financial aid appeal process. There is no way we would have known where to start or how to proceed without it.  And this will make a huge difference in our ability to plan and cover these next 4 very expensive years.  So thank you again and hope your other students/families are getting some good news in this stressful time. Hope to bump in to you out in the neighborhood sometime!

– Marsha and Philip