College Admissions in the time of CoronaVirus…latest rant for Juniors from The College Guy!

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"…Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” (I’ve got a 1965 vintage Frank Quilici Topps baseball card I’ll give to the first [...]

March College Guy Rant for Seniors: Chopped Liver, Acceptance Protocol, Financial Aid and Stalking the Wild Scholarship

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Hey Seniors - greetings from the College Guy! We had a heat wave (mid ‘40s) today here in Maine, and so far have by and large avoided the rigors of a Maine winter. Plenty of [...]

College Guy Rant for Juniors – Use Khan Academy to prep for the Spring SAT, and additional College Preparation words of wisdom…

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Hey there members of the Class of ‘21 (and their parents), Greetings from Gary the College Guy! I’ve been busy with class of ’20 students but now that most seniors' applications have been “put to bed” you [...]