The admissions process is confusing and surprising (opinion)

This is a really good article, from the Journal of Higher Education, for parents of HS students to read:
First thing: Duke (where Rebecca Vidra is a professor) accepts nearly 8% of their applicant pool – not the 4% she states. (I know, no real difference, but realize that over 90% of the 2,400 colleges out there are not nearly that selective.)
Second thing: in the interest of full disclosure, I charge $400 for my basic service, and an additional $1,600 for my “full package” – as opposed to the $6,000 she quotes from a consultant she spoke with.
All that said, her article is spot-on from a parent perspective. The college admissions process creates far more stress and anxiety on the part of kids and parents than it should. College admissions counselors and high school counselors do a terrible job of reducing that tsouris – in fact many of them add to it (purposely or inadvertently – sometimes I can’t tell).
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