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The College Counselor Who Left His Own Children Alone

Lots of folks joke to me that Johanna (my daughter) must be all set with her college process cause I’m her dad. Actually, I’ve had very little to do with her process, and I suspect that if I’d tried more she wouldn’t have listened much to me. I saw this column today and it made me smile.

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The College Guy’s Most Recent Rant:

Summer Bummer Rant from the College Guy – get started on your SAT prep THIS WEEK!!!

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Hi seniors! Sounds good, no? Perhaps just a bit scary? Allow me to intrude upon your reverie and talk about what lies ahead this fall. Trust me, I’m enjoying the sun and the beach and the relaxed schedule (and my high flying NY Yankees!) as much as I hope you are, but hey, forewarned is forearmed so here are some items which may be of use to you. Last week I sent you advice about beginning your common application, which [...]

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