November College Guy Rant for Seniors - last call for the SAT and ACT! Do your FAFSA and (where required) CSS PROFILE!! Write your essays and short answer responses!!!

Hi seniors - a real quick Rant for today to let you know of two impending deadlines:


Nov. 2nd (that’s midnight Friday) is the deadline for signing up for the December 1st SAT or SAT Subject tests without a late fee added on.

Nov. 3rd (midnight Saturday) is the deadline for signing up for the December 8th ACT without a late fee.


These are the last dates you’re able to take these tests in order for scores to be available in time for college admissions decisions.


I know you want to take these tests yet again about as much as you’d like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and honestly I’ll be the first to remind you of how bogus, non-predictive (of collegiate success) and unreliable (they don’t measure how smart you are!) both these tests are. And yet, a higher score could improve your chances of being accepted, and could also help you get money in the form of merit aid.


So I’m just sayin’….you’ve got one more chance to try one or the other of them.


Both tests have a late registration window (till 11/20 for the SAT and till 11/17 for the ACT) when you can still sign up for an extra $29 late fee…which is kind of lame when you think of it so make your decision TODAY.




Parents and Students: if you want to be considered for financial aid you must fill out the FAFSA and, for certain schools, the CSS PROFILE. Deadlines are not impending (except at colleges where you’re applying early decision) but don’t put this off - fill these forms out by Thanksgiving!




Those of you who have filed early decision and early action applications via the common application: make sure you’ve completed all three steps required to submit your application: 

#1 Review the PDF of your entire application and check the box to say you’ve done so; 

#2 submit payment; and 

# 3 apply your electronic signature. 


You should receive verification (via email - so don’t forget to check!) within a week of applying that your application has been received and is complete. If you don’t get verification call your college(s) to ask. Many schools will instruct you to open an account (student portal) at their web site to track your application - make sure you do this!


For those of you who are not applying early anywhere - no worries. I recommend you get all your applications in by December 1* - the early bird gets the annelid - so keep working on those essays and supplemental writing responses. 


If you want help with any/all of the above, give me a holler. That’s why I’m here.


Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest,




P.S. *not a real deadline - earliest you’re likely to see is Jan. 1. But why wait? And note that a few schools (U. California and Cal. State Colleges, and U. Washington) have deadlines in November


P.P.S. Here’s a fun article from the New York Times about St. Johns College - one of my favorite “oddball” colleges!


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