Follow Up Letter Example

Date of Publication: 

January, 2019
Your Name          
______, Maine  ____
Admissions  Office
Brandeis University
Waltham, Mass.  02254
January 16, 2019
Dear Sir or Madam, (ideally send to the admissions officer you've had contact with - or the one who is responsible for your state. Call admissions if you're not sure who that is)
My name is ________ and I'm a senior at _____ H. S. in ______, Maine. I am a candidate for admission to the Brandeis class of 2023. I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of my continued interest in Brandeis - in fact, your school remains my first choice (or, say 'your school remains one of my top choices') for where I hope to be next fall.
I recently received my mid-term grades and I wanted to share them with you now, as I know it may take a while to get them from my High School. I was quite pleased with them, particularly the 88 I pulled in AP Biology (it's a bear of a course!)
(If you did poorly in any of your classes say a word or two about it here - colleges like to know that you're giving it, forgive me, the old college try...Having the teacher of the class you're getting your butt kicked in write a letter of rec for you is a good strategy as well...)
    H Senior English    __              H PreCalculus        __
    AP Biology              __              French IV             __
    Marine Sciences     __              Pottery                __
New classes I'm taking this semester include ...I'd also like you to know that...(speak briefly about one or two of your continuing  or new activities or honors. Did you make honor roll? Say a word or two about something you didn't write about in your app: like upcoming one-acts you’re in, or a Model UN weekend you’re looking forward to, skiing or some other activity you've been doing. If you've gotten new test scores that you’re pleased with, mention them. The idea here is to offer a chatty sort of "here's what I've been up to" sentence or three.)
I'm also writing to inform you that I have asked for an additional letter(s) of support from___________, my ____________ teacher/coach/advisor, which you should be receiving in the near future. I'm also enclosing a copy of a paper I recently did in ___________ class which I put a great deal of effort in to. Finally, I have enclosed (a show and tell piece/copy of my resume).
I know that the admissions process at Brandeis is very competitive, and I want to make sure that you have a good notion of who I am and my potential in light of the competition I'm up against. (If your SAT scores are low you could say something like: "I know the admissions process at Brandeis is very competitive, and I am concerned that my standardized test scores viewed by themselves may not measure up well against those of the other applicants you are considering, so I want to make sure...")
You've probably figured out by now that I'm very motivated to attend Brandeis and I'm hopeful that you will favorably consider my candidacy, enhanced by this additional material! If it's appropriate, would you please include this letter and these items in my application folder for review?
Thank you very much for your consideration. If I can provide any additional information please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
Derek Jeter