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March College Guy Rant for Seniors: Chopped Liver, Acceptance Protocol, Financial Aid and Stalking the Wild Scholarship

Hey Seniors - greetings from the College Guy! Man oh man time flies, doesn’t it? Winter’s grip has loosened here in Maine and most of you have heard from your colleges by now. For those who are still waiting to hear from the most selective colleges, this week and next you should get your “final tallies”. Here's a PDF of an old Boston Globe [...]

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January Rant from the College Guy – the “Follow Letter Package” and financial aid forms

Hey Seniors - greetings from the College Guy! Hope everyone had a safe and restful Holiday break. Winter seems to be playing peekaboo with us here in Maine, the Patriots are “one and done” but my man Tom Brady continues to defy father time and may be on his way to yet another Superbowl with a new team. But like [...]

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Going Through Her Daughter’s Admissions Process

The admissions process is confusing and surprising (opinion) This is a really good article, from the Journal of Higher Education, for parents of HS students to read: Going Through Her Daughter's Admissions Process First thing: Duke (where Rebecca Vidra is a professor) accepts nearly 8% of their applicant pool - not the 4% she states. (I know, no real difference, [...]

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College Guy’s October Rant – Gear up your College Applications!

Hey seniors and parental units, Here’s another CGR comin’ at you like a Gerrit Cole four-seamer (GO YANKS TONIGHT!) - keep yer eye on the ball and pay close attention cause there’s a lot of stuff in here you can use. There’ll be a PART TWO coming shortly - exclusively for parents and guardians concerning the October 1 availability of [...]

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There is no ‘student loan crisis

Another View: Editorial misses mark – there is no ‘student loan crisis’ The current financial aid system works just fine. The problem is that families are not properly advised about borrowing. BY GARY CANTER SPECIAL TO THE PRESS HERALD Re: The Aug. 18 Bloomberg Opinion editorial “Another View: Congress has a chance to fix the student loan mess”: I would like [...]

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