Check out Frank Bruni’s NTY’s editorial from yesterday entitled: “Bribes to get in to Yale and Stanford?  What else is new?”

I’ve been preaching this reality for years – when it comes to college admissions the emperor has no clothes. And is a hypocrite to boot!

The only “newsworthy” portion of this latest scandal is the blatant illegality of what the FBI has uncovered. The unfairness and lack of transparency of college admissions is much more pervasive.

For years I’ve argued that if selective colleges (and this stuff only happens at the 90 or so selective colleges) really want to get it right they will go to a lottery system. Let each school set their “bar” wherever they want in terms of GPA, test scores, and point values for various activities, but after that use a lottery to determine who gets in.

I’ve run this by any number for admissions directors: at Georgetown, Pomona, and Bowdoin to name three, and I’m always met with polite amusement and dismissal. Maybe it’s because I always end my suggestion by saying:

“But I know you’re not going to do this. Because if you did, both YOU and I would be out of jobs!!!”