Hi Seniors – anyone catch that World Series? Incredible! Oops, what am I talking about? I know a number of you were scrambling to get ED and EA applications in by midnight last night. Well, you missed a good one (and good job on getting those applications in!)Many of you are now working on Nov. 15 EA and ED deadlines. Keep plugging away. If you have any editing needs or questions related to any of the whole fershlugginer thing send them my way. That’s why I’m here.

Moms and dads – FAFSA should be filed or underway by now, and if junior is applying to schools which require the CSS PROFILE or some other sort of “institutional form” (you tell by checking on the college’s admissions web page) you should be working on that as well (you access the PROFILE through the collegeboard web site, using your child’s log in information).

One last chance for both ACT and SAT (or subject tests)! (yeah, I know you want to hear this like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I’m just sayin’…)

Dec. 2nd SAT and SAT Subject tests (can’t do both, boo hoo) – SIGN UP DEADLINE 11/2 AT MIDNIGHT!!!

Dec. 9 ACT  sign up deadline 11/3 at midnight.

Both tests give you a chance to sign up late for $29 – thanks a lot standardized testing oligarchy – for the next couple weeks, but if you get on it now you’ll be okay.

Remember my timeline is for you to get all your applications submitted by Dec. 1 (Nov. 30 for University of California Schools) – that’s before actual deadlines but you’ll thank me when you have a blissful and unfettered December/New Years break while classmates are going crazy with last-minute applications.

As always, I’m available to help with essays, applications, bells and whistles and delivering a well placed kick in the keister for those who are dragging their heels a bit. Ditto for parents who are stumped with money and financial aid form questions. Contact me via email or phone – see signature below.

Free talks Free Talks Free Talks
For those of you in the Greater Portland area, I’m giving two talks at the Maine Jewish Museum at 257 Congress Street the next two Monday evenings at 6:30 (Nov. 6th and 13th). See announcement below. The first talk is for students and parents about the college application process – most of you should be beyond that point by now. The second (on Nov. 13th) is about PAYING for college and financial aid and may be of interest to you parents. Talks are free and open to the public, and I’ll even hand out refreshments. Such a deal (tell your underclassmen friends and parents of same about this!).

Groovy Reading!

Here are links to two scintillating articles in this week’s New York Times about College admissions – this guy Eric Hoover is RIGHT ON!!!!

EVERYONE should read the first one – it’s short. The second one is long but VERY COMPREHENSIVE and Hoover and the Times get a gold star for “telling it like it is”.

10 Things to Know About Getting Into Your Dream College

What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)

If anyone can’t access NYTs (you get a few free visits a month, otherwise you have to subscribe) let me know and I can send you the text of each article.

Okay, that’s all for now. Remember it doesn’t really matter where you go to college. What matters is what you accomplish when you get there!!!!

Peace and salutations from the College Guy!