Hi students and parents – How about that World Series??!!! Excellent, huh? I often say there are two types of people in this world: those of us who recognize that baseball is not only the greatest game of them all, but an essential metaphor for life and all it’s intricacies; and the rest of you who just haven’t quite figured that out yet.

Can I get an amen?!

Okay, enough of that. Gary the College Guy writing with a short and sweet College Guy Rant for November to tell you about:

(A) two talks I’m giving over the next two weeks;

(B) a couple articles worth reading; and

(C) detailed instructions about how to best to prepare yourselves for the College Process which lies one, two or three years ahead of you (you’ll want to get it done in the mid-to-late fall of your senior year).

Let’s take them in reverse order:


For those of you who are taking challenging courses; navigating them as best you can (you don’t need to be superman or superwoman – colleges want to see a B+ average); and filling your free time with things you enjoy doing like sports, work, clubs, hobbies or some other gainful activities; here’s what you need to be doing right now to best prepare yourself for the college process:

…wait for it….


Forget SAT prep, forget joining new activities, forget elaborate college research plans (though perhaps you juniors should be starting to pay some attention in this respect)…If you’re doing the three things I mentioned above (challenging courses, taking care of biz-nez grade-wise, and using your time wisely by pursuing your interests), then you’re already doing every darned thing you’re supposed to be doing, and trust me colleges will like you all the more as a result of it!

So don’t lose any sleep over things you’re not doing which you think you should be doing cause you read about in the US News and World Report, or heard about it from some insufferable senior who just submitted his Ivy League Early Decision Application ….take it from the College Guy and read my ‘rants when you get them, and I’ll let you know in a timely fashion when it’s time to get in to the fast lane with regards to this college stuff (juniors, that’ll be after Xmas break)…

Got it? Good. Those who think otherwise feel free to give me a holler and I’ll set you straight (my contact information is at bottom of this rant in my signature)


Groovy Reading!

Here are links to two scintillating articles in this week’s New York Times about College admissions – this guy Eric Hoover is RIGHT ON!!!!

EVERYONE should read the first one – it’s short. The second one is long but VERY COMPREHENSIVE and Hoover and the Times get a gold star for “telling it like it is”.

If anyone can’t access these articles via the Times’ web site (you get a few free visits a month, otherwise you have to subscribe) let me know and I can send you the text of each one.


Free talks Free Talks Free Talks

For those of you in the Greater Portland area, I’m giving two talks at the Maine Jewish Museum at 257 Congress Street the next two Monday evenings at 6:30 (Nov. 6th and 13th). See announcement below.

The first talk (November 6th) is for students and parents about the college search, selection and application process.

The second (on Nov. 13th) is about PAYING for college and financial aid and may be of interest to you parents. I know I just got finished telling you that there was nothing you underclassmen needed to be doing now to prepare yourself, but a little knowledge and increased understanding of the process you’ll be tackling in the future can’t hurt.

Talks are free and open to the public, and I’ll even hand out refreshments. Such a deal!


Okay, that’s all for now. If you find my rants useful and know other students/parents who may want to get them, feel free to forward them along (or have folks contact me to get on my mailing list).

If you’d rather not get these occasional missive, kindly let me know, and you won’t!

Here’s the skinny on my upcoming talks:

From your collegiate connoisseur, your academic avatar, your undergraduate usher,

Gary the College Guy