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The College Counselor Who Left His Own Children Alone

Lots of folks joke to me that Johanna (my daughter) must be all set with her college process cause I’m her dad. Actually, I’ve had very little to do with her process, and I suspect that if I’d tried more she wouldn’t have listened much to me. I saw this column today and it made me smile.

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The College Guy’s Most Recent Rant:

November College Guy Rant – Time To Get Your Game On!

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Holy Game 6 of the World Series Batman, time flies and it’s November already! Time for the College Guy to check in and make sure all you seniors (and parents of seniors) are on task with your College Applications. Print this bad boy out cause there’s lots of good (and timely) information in it. Fuhgeddabout trying to read it on your phone - take some time with this, or ignore it at your peril!!! So for those of you who’ve [...]


“Lucy texted me in the middle of the night (mostly she remembers the time difference but maybe forgets a little bit when she is excited) that our financial aid appeal was a great success!

“As a quick reminder – Stanford offered her 20K and with your help our appeal requested an additional $10,719. (I think you actually suggested we stay close to but just under 10.) Anyway, they have offered us an additional $9250 and we are thrilled!  Almost a 50% increase from original offer (and your instincts were clearly right on with the “just under 10” estimate.)
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Marsha and Philip

“Gary has helped both my children find the college path that has been right for them.

“One of them went to a two year community college to study advanced machine technology and now at the age of 23 owns his own home and has a great job working for a defense contractor. He has incurred no student loans.

“The other has been accepted into her first choice of school, a four year program at Northeastern University in Boston to study chemical engineering.
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Another View: Editorial misses mark – there is no ‘student loan crisis’

August 28, 2020


The current financial aid system works just fine. The problem is that families are not properly advised about borrowing.

Re: The Aug. 18 Bloomberg Opinion editorial “Another View: Congress has a chance to fix the student loan mess

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